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Bluff City Apothecary (GRAND OPENING APRIL, TBA)



Maeva's Coffee is community venture created by Joel and Meredith Elliott. Since it's opening in 2014, Maeva's has been a foundational part of our neighborhood's revitalization. Maeva's is open Mon-Thurs 7am-9pm, Fri/Sat 7am-10pm, and Sun 8am-3pm.

To learn more about this exquisite destination for all things tasty, visit the website or follow on Instagram


Bobbi Brooks is a license massage therapist with over decade in experience. In the spring of 2013, she launched her practice inside The Milton Schoolhouse. Milton's core of volunteers worked together to turn an abandoned classroom into a serene haven to showcase Bobbi's talents.

Bobbi specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massage, but offers a variety of seasonal services to accommodate new and returning clients. Learn more about Massage at Milton and schedule your appointment for a little relaxation and renewal in your life. 


Meredith Elliott founded Elliott&Moose as a formal umbrella for the marketing, branding, and design consultation she has been providing to small businesses since 2012. She is also the author of this site's E&M Business Writings; a local voice on all things entrepreneurship and community business. 

To inquire about availability, please call 217.971.3627. 


Alton's first and brightest party bus company is ready to make your event awesome! Have an birthday, bachelorette/bachelor, wedding, or anniversary coming up? DJ and Jamie are ready to fire up their converted school buses, Miss Big Booty Judy and the Drunkin' Pumpkin, to make your event and unforgettably fun time for your crew. DJ and Jamie started their party bus company as a part-time endeavor in 2013 and it has since exploded into a full time operation. During the week, you'll see their buses parked at The Milton Schoolhouse- but on the weekend you'll spot them all around the Riverbend filled to the brim with party people. For pricing and booking information, see their Facebook page or call 618.785.6219. 


Looking for great lawn or gardening service? That's Scott's passion!

Scott Wright decided to base his company out of The Milton Schoolhouse in the summer of 2014. His excellent work and competitive pricing have set him apart in the sea of local companies. Call Diversified today at 618.402.2487 for a quote on your next big project OR on regular lawn maintenance for your residence or commercial property. 


Laura McNelly has been crafting handmade furniture for seven years, specializing in fine, custom made farmhouse style pieces. Laura joined The Milton Schoolhouse in 2016 by renting a studio space for client meetings and furniture delivery. In 2017, her production outstretcheded the capacity of her home-based two-car garage. We are thrilled to announce she will be moving into a 1,000 sq ft production facility in our attached maker's space warehouse soon! Check out her work here!


In 2017, Lindsey and Derrik came back to their hometown of Alton, Illinois from Austin, TX- looking for a cool place to start their multi-faceted home decor and maker's event business. Their studio hosts fantastic get-togethers focused on decor-making BUT you can also find them frantically working in their production facility at Milton fulfilling custom orders and creating pieces for area markets. They also take custom orders for countertops, tables, and more! Check out HeartScoopStudio here.


Jay and Chantel Harvey successfully completed their black-box theatre build above Maeva's Coffee in Novemeber 2017- and we couldn't be more excited. The Rogue Theatre is committed to giving Altonians no-excuse for being bored. In just a few short months, they've hosted sold-out dinner mystery theatre productions, modernist plays, swing dance classes, children's musical theatre classes, and themed movie nights. Check out the upcoming events at The Rogue Theatre and be entertained!


Is your computer acting cranky? Does your Grandma need a lesson in how to use Google Docs? Troy can help you solve your computer woes. Diagnostics, malware removal, software help and more are now available in his office at The Milton Schoolhouse. Stop being frusterated and contact him at 206.235.9368 today!


Coming soon! Jessika will be moving into our schoolhouse and opening her studio in January 2018. Check out her work here!



For almost a decade we've been helping small businesses get their start. Our low-cost studio spaces and flexible leasing allow prospective entreprenuers to test their concept, refine their style, and blossom into bigger dreams.

Here are a few local businesses who grew from The Milton Schoolhouse:



Midwest Electric is owned and operated by Dan Mustain- a wonderful licensed electrician who relocated his offices to Milton in 2010. Dan Mustain is reposible for helping us complete numerous commerical and residential projects in The Milton Schoolhouse- was a beloved business man in our school during the five years he spent at The Milton Schoolhouse. Highly recommended! We love Dan! Down to earth and always friendly, you can contact Dan for your next project here or call him at 618.789.4565.


COBRA KAI INK (2012-2013)

Missy and Ryan used The Milton Schoolhouse as the first commerical space for their screenprinting company, Cobra Kai Ink. Their business quickly grew as they began Alton's go-to screenprinters for not only business at Milton (Maeva's Coffee, The Rogue Theatre, Massage at Milton) but other area favorites liek Old Bakery Beer, Rock the Hops, and Bottle and Barrel. After a little over a year at Milton, they relocated their studio to a dual purpose commerical/residential space in downtown Alton.



Carrie Carpunky began pursuing family photography in her in-laws basement- but soon found the enormous demand for her talents imposing on their hospitality. As her business grew, she sought a studio that could accommodate her current needs but also give her room to expand her style. She established her studio in the Milton Schoolhouse in the summer of 2012.

In 2017, Carrie grew her business to a larger facility in downtown Alton. See her work and get in touch with Carrie here. ]


CUTTING EDGE LAWNCARE  (now Element Turf & OUtdoor Solutions) (2013-2014)

Cutting Edge lawncare got a boost by renting out a portion of our attached warehouse. The larger space allowed them to begin acquiring and maintaining equipment for their now incredible lawnservice company. After a year of being centrally located in Alton, they had grown into a household name for both commerical and residential lawn and landscaping. They are now located on Homer Adams Pwky in Alton after purchasing and bringing to life a vacant greenhouse facility.



Rona Leah Portraits specializes in elegant, timeless portraiture of women. Her gorgeous work is unparalleled in quality; Rona Leah's photography is an art form all on its own. She currently shoots on-location in STL, NYC, and LA. To see more of her amazing work and to schedule an appointment for your own special day, see her website and follow her on Facebook.



After spending five years in the wild of Los Angeles, Edward Scott returned to his native Alton and chose The Milton Schoolhouse as the new location for his studio. After two years of renting a private studio in Alton, Edward crossed the river and began work on a curated vintage shop that utilized his incredible skill.  Check out his magazine quality work and Pop and Pop Vintage here.  



ShamPooches Pet Grooming got their start at The Milton Schoolhouse in 2015. Alicia decided she was through with corporate commerical grooming facilities and wanted to pursue her own business that supported her ethics and style. After two years of operation, Alicia grew out of our studios and purchased the old Formea Animal Hospital in Upper Alton. Check out ShamPooches Facebook Page