Friday Evening: July 28th 9:30pm-midnight

The Milton Schoolhouse was recently featured on American Hauntings Podcast with Cody Beck and local historian Troy Taylor. 

We've received dozens of phone calls in the last few days following its release. The building has been closed to paranormal investigations and tours since 2014 but, at the community's request, we are hosting an evening investigation with local paranormal investigator (and Milton business native) Bobbi Brooks. 

This investigation is limited to 30 participants and will feature a brief tour of the areas of greatest interest to paranormal investigators. The group will then be split in half with investigation sessions taking place in three separate areas of the schoolhouse, monitored by Bobbi Brooks and structure co-owner Meredith Elliott. 

You are welcome to bring your own equipment for investigation. This is a participant guided event. Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden. Participants are expected to act with welcoming and courteous conduct while on the property. We reserve the right to protect the quality of this investigation and remove participants who act in a disrespectful or unruly manner. 

Please arrive 15 minutes early to the event and meet inside Maeva's Coffee (first floor, first classroom on the right).


To reserve your space via credit, debit, or paypal- use the button below:

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