Q: Don't I remember that place being a glass factory?

A: It's true! The Milton Schoolhouse was an elementary school through 1984, until it was closed by the city when they built several smaller, more modern buildings in its place. After that, an artist named Gary Levi purchased the building to run his Intaglio/Levay Glass and Giftware company out of. The factory closed in 1998- and the building sat vacant until Joel and Meredith purchased it in 2009.

Q: So....do you still have any glass?

A:  We sometimes sell glass that was left behind in the building to raise funds for its renovation on eBay. You can find our profile on eBay here. Collectors and those interested in local history will be pleased to hear that we are in the middle of building out several museum-quality display cases to showcase many of the glass pieces left behind after the factory went into bankruptcy. These will be free to view once the schoolhouse is open to the public. 


Q: May I visit? 

A: Right now, the schoolhouse is closed to the public. The businesses located inside of Milton are able to be accessed by appointment only until we finished getting both the basement and first level up to firecode. It is our goal to make the building accessible to the public during normal business hours by fall of 2013. 


Q: Isn't that place haunted? I'm pretty sure I saw it on Syfy's Ghost Hunters a couple of years ago.

A: You did see the Milton Schoolhouse on the Syfy channel in 2010. Instead of haunted, we prefer to say the building has a lot of character. We're working hard to infuse this building with new life- and prefer not to lean on an old urban legend to create a buzz about this awesome place.