YOU: Ready to start something new. Ready to change the world...or at least your life by making money doing something you love to do. Spunky. Resourceful. You have a plan, an idea, a spark.

Ideally, a production-based business is suited for this ground level room in our north wing hall. Screen printer, publishing company, milliner, costume designer, broadcasting/podcasting company,...who knows what. Talk to us; we like crazy. Ambitious. Interesting. 

US: We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we “get” start ups. We often do a 6 month trial lease with no deposit for our business tenants because we want you to put your money into getting your business off the ground. 730 sq ft with nice natural light, concrete floors, toasty heating system, freshly painted, 24 hour access. RENT IS UTILITIES INCLUDED (eletrical, heat, water, internet.... and air if you purchase a window unit for the space). So, we also should probably talk about that rent thing in’ll probably fall somewhere between $350-400 a month depending upon your estimated usage. We’ll work with you-  possible rent for trade opportunity, too. Coffee shop upstairs with long hours for proper caffeination.

Let’s fall in love. Or make money together. Or both.

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I want to see it! What next? Call Meredith at 217.971.3627 to schedule a time to stop by.



Your perfect production studio is now ready! Our front warehouse space will be available June 1st.

Built by the former Templar Brewing Company, this unit most recently housed an artist production team. This space has private access to water and electric and is comprised of a 15.5x15.5' enclosed/locking structure and a 20x21.5' open floor storage area (670 sq ft total).

This space also has access to our giant bay door- making it SUPER EASY to load/unload heavy stuff inside, out of the elements. 

What could you do here? A lot! 

  • Produce furniture
  • Brew beer or gin
  • Set up a small production facility
  • Roast coffee
  • Throw clay
  • Screenprint
  • Repair Equipment
  • Pretty much anything! The only thing you can't do is direct retail from this area ('s a zoning thing...) BUT you can combine it with a studio space in our main building if you'd like a place that keeps regular "store hours"

What does this place cost? All of our studios rent ultilities included, so we'd need to talk about what kind of equipment you'll be bringing in. Typically, this space rents between $350-500/mth

What if I need more space? We can do that! Just ask!

I want to see it! What next? Call Meredith at 217.971.3627 to schedule a time to stop by.


COMMERCIAL KITCHEN RENTAL- The kitchen at Maeva's Coffee is now leasing space by hour or by block to food & beverage based start ups! For more information, read about pricing here. 


The Milton Schoolhouse isn't an obscure commercial property or a strip mall- we are a small business incubator focused on creating passion, community growth, and the economic well being of the Alton area.

Before signing a lease, we conduct an extensive interview to make sure the space your looking at it truly the best fit for your model. We are invested in helping awesome folks create successful businesses. We want you to succeed and we won't allow you to sign a lease unless we're positive Milton is a good fit for your model!

The Milton Schoolhouse functions differently than a standard commercial property. While we do require each of our businesses to carry liability insurance, a FEIN, and an Alton Business License, we like to do what we can to lessen the financial burden and ease the stress of starting something new.

Here are some unusual things we offer to our business family:

  • waived deposit for businesses deemed a low damage risk
  • six month trial lease to test how your business will operate in our community and how being a small business owner works with your lifestyle
  •  all units are rented utilities included- no enormous commercial rated bills to account for in your operation
  • flexible rent with possible periods of grace and work-or-trade for rent options
  • all units are rented between $200-700 per month and are negotiable depending upon projected usage and size
  • priority given to veteran tenants for growth/expansion within new renovations of the structure
  • guidance from Meredith Elliott regarding start up procedures, marketing, and business management