Finally Launch The Small Business You’ve Been Dreaming About In 2018!

Learn How To Plan, Fund, Build, And Launch Your Small Business In The:

Build a Kick Ass Business Plan Class

The First Step in Starting Your Business

Revised and Expanded for 2018!

February 11th


Hosted at Maeva's Coffee

Ages 15+. Great for side business start-ups, too!

Let me ask you something.

Do you wish you had started that business you have been dreaming about for the last couple of years?

Do you dream about running your own business, bringing value to the community, and building an income that provides for you for years to come?

What’s holding you back?

Just think where you would be today if you had pulled the trigger last year at this time. How much business would you have, how many opportunities would you have created, how happy would you have been?

You know the hard truth.  

You can’t just hope yourself into being a business owner.

You also don’t want just any business, you want a successful one. You want a business where people come in every day, week after week. You want people to fill your store, shop, or restaurant from open to close buying product and becoming lifelong customers.

Well, here's the truth:

The business owners that make it, the ones who have businesses that continue to thrive year after year no matter the economy or competition, do one thing better than everyone else...

They plan.

Planning is the entrepreneur's best friend. A well-considered business plan is your best approach to not only succeeding but thriving in today’s business climate.

With a great business plan you can:

  • communicate your ideas to interested investors
  • bring focus to the growth of your business
  • and have confidence to create, build, and succeed

This two hour class dives into the practical skills to building a business plan for new ventures as well as condensed, directional plans for already established businesses.

In two hours, you'll walk away knowing how to:

  • Write your plan for the maximum impact on both your audience and yourself
  • Focus on the essentials and skip the rest
  • Create professional formatting and presentation using free tools

When you attend the Build a Kick Ass Business Plan course, you get hands on help from a successful entrepreneur who has personal experience starting and running multiple business ventures both brick and mortar and online.

2018 also features fresh, updated content and The Guerrilla Capital Guide!

Chance are you've either read about the difficulties of acquiring a small business loan or you've been turned down yourself. I've had first hand experiance of being turned down at presentations and loan officers telling me that the businesses I've built would never work,

They are wrong.

There's been a continued lack of support for small business in the banking industry since the first edition of this class. That hasn't stopped the growth of small business- but how do entrepreneurs conquer funding challenges?

The Guerrilla Capital Guide is a new addition to this course that pulls back the curtain on: 

  • Creating a plan tailored towards non-traditional start-up funding
  • Creative ways to save money in your start up strategy
  • How to plan for "stepping stones" in your first three years to grow your business without crippling debt

In addition to the Guerrilla Capital Guide, our 2018 course also provides full access to the complete business plan we used to launch Maeva's Coffee in 2014, as well as the updated 2018 Maeva's Coffee directional plan.

You'll be able to use these real examples as a template when creating your own starting and ongoing strategies. 

This course takes place Sunday, February 11th from 5pm-7pm. This two-hour course includes:

  • Original content with real numbers from our active ventures
  • The financial plan behind Maeva's Coffee start-up
  • The Guerilla Capital Guide
  • followed by an optional hour of private Q+A.

Participants will leave with coursework complete with samples taken directly from successful businesses. Course size is limited to 10 participants and cost is $50 preregistered before January 30th, $100 after. 

Reserve Your Space Here:

You can also register in-person at Maeva's Coffee during business hours!


This course is taught by Meredith Elliott, an entrepreneur with a BA in Economics and a passion for start-ups.

When it comes to business, Meredith wears many hats! She is currently co-owns and coaches B&M start-ups at The Milton Schoolhouse incubator and is the operations manager for Maeva's Coffee. Meredith also serves as Treasurer on the Executive Board of The Nature Institute- a nonprofit land conservation and environmental educational organization in Godfrey, Illinois. 

In her free time, she loves playing chess, Dungeons & Dragons, and is a classically trained musician.