Milton Business Spotlight: Midwest Electric

Milton would be lost without Dan Mustain- the licensed electrician who has been renting space for his company and making the schoolhouse a brighter place since the very beginning. 

JMI_3009 copy.jpg

When we first met Dan, he had come to the schoolhouse in search of affordable storage and business space for his company- Midwest Electric. He wryly admitted that he had a past with this particular building- or at least it's former owner. Gary had asked him to come in and make plans for the extensive emergency exit system that the schoolhouse needed for his glass company. Dan, with his usual thoroughness, had carefully mapped the mess of an electrical system inside this building- if the word "system" could actually be used to describe what was in this place. A combination of original 1900s knob and tube wire, and the messy tie ins of three additions made on to the original structure was a veritable electrical disaster. Dan admitted he spent many hours making plans for the most efficient way to run exit lighting throughout the schoolhouse- and presented them to Gary. He never heard back, but as we walked through the building together that first day, Dan wryly observed his plan had been used down to the very last wire nut. 

We were nervous about renting out space- we had only owned the building a few months and Milton was a wreck. Dan was the first person who had ever come to us; we had never been through the rental process before. It turns out that cleaning out a room for him to store his equipment in was one of the best decisions we ever made. 

Dan has been a miracle worker in the schoolhouse for over three years now- carefully untangling, rewiring, and rerunning new electric to each of our rental spaces- and our apartment upstairs. To outsiders, electrical work might seem fairly unglamorous compared to paint and drywall. The process excites us though- who cares about drywall and murals when you can't see? Good lighting can give a space a huge facelift, and Dan is an artist in his own right. His work is perfection- inspectors agree- and if you need help determining what type of lighting, how much, or what placement would be suit a space, he knows just what to do. He is happy to take on smaller maintenance or residential projects on his own- but with the help of his son Rusty, he is able to power through larger projects in no time.

As a person, I've never met a man with an occupation in construction who has a better nature. He is a true gentleman- polite and kind with an easy laugh. If you are uncomfortable about having someone in your personal space, I can assure you that he is the most honest and respectful person you'll ever meet. Dan is a fantastic fellow and we'd highly recommend him for any commercial or residential electrical projects. His number is 618.789.4565.